Liquid Filtration

Severn Technology has created a series of submicron filter and separator solutions with reduced pressure differentials that significantly reduce power consumption.

Air Filtration

Severn Technology is focused on addressing the poor air quality indemic throughout the industrial world. Our initial filter data confirms the ability to filter harmful PM2.5 to PM10 extremely effectively.

Other Applications

Severn Technology's advanced 150nm filters effectively filter out viruses, bacteria and other biotic material for potential point of use filtration applications.

About Us

the future of filtration

Initially founded by two Naval Academy roommates, additional members were added to complete our skills in engineering, manufacturing, product development and design.

Our management team has extensive experience in water remediation, advanced electronics and technology development.

Dramatic power reduction

Patented filter design creates high filtration surface area and reduces the power required for filtration.

Submicron filtration at high flow rates

Unique 3D design allows faster fulid velocity by minimizing boudary flow impact.

Multiple materials of construction

Our technology supports the implementation of a variety of materials of construction to filter acids, molten metals and other diverse materials.

Minimum Size

The creation of a 3D filtration block allows us to minimize the size of filter footprint while maximizing the flow rate.

Our Stats


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Pore variation


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