Our Products

Our technology allows us to create application-specific solutions which require precise separation parameters. Our filtration / separation solutions dramatically increase traditional air and fluid filtration flow rates, reduce energy consumption and improve overall filtration/separation effectiveness via a unique processing system of controlled pore openings and lateral flow paths. Anticipated products release Fall 2017 include pool and HEPA filters.

Technology Implementation

Unlike traditional fiber, soil or charcoal based filtering processes, our technology achieves filtration with very specific (+/- 3%) fabricated microstructures, allowing our customers to customize filter dimensions to the nanometer level. Severn Technology is developing a portfolio of filtration / separation products, applying 3-D filtration technology where fluids or gases flow along microstructures built on fabricated surfaces. Severn Technology's patented filtration solution dramatically lowers power consumption for the filtering process. Our durable, long lasting products can also be developed more quickly at a competitive cost using existing manufacturing solutions such as CD disc production, plastic injection molding processes, or roll-to-roll film processing. These repetitive, scalable and modular building block solutions can be implemented using consistent designs and materials. The material construction allow the same products to be used for both liquid and air filtration applications.

Liquid Filtration

Severn Technology has created a series of submicron filter and separator solutions with reduced pressure differentials that significantly reduce power consumption.

Air Filtration

Severn Technology is focused on addressing the poor air quality indemic throughout the industrial world. Our initial filter data confirms the ability to filter harmful PM2.5 to PM10 extremely effectively.

Other Applications

Severn Technology's advanced 150nm filters effectively filter out viruses, bacteria and other biotic material for potential point of use filtration applications.